Complimentary Inspiration Guide

Complimentary Inspiration Guide

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Do any of these scenarios ring a bell?

  • You went to bed early last night to try to catch up on your sleep, but you tossed and turned as your mind raced with to-do lists and worries about the future. When the alarm went off this morning, you had just drifted off. As you lugged your sore body out of bed, you were irritable and sad, even losing your temper and snapping at your spouse and kids. You can't remember the last time you really felt good.


  • You've been dealing with specific health concerns such as headaches, migraines, depression, vertigo, or anxiety for longer than you care to remember. You've tried medications, but they don't seem to help much and they give you some terrible side effects that sometimes seem worse than the original problem. Bottom line: you feel lousy.


  • There is nothing really "wrong," but you have anxiety and feel nervous and uneasy much of the time. When you tell others, they say it's all in your head. You lose your temper more than you used to and you feel like you're on the verge of tears much of the time.

If these sound like you, you're not alone.

What you need (besides perhaps a vacation in Fiji) is an easy plan to help you find your balance and feel like yourself again.

9 Simple Strategies for Staying Calm, Strong, 

and Centered in Today's World

is an Inspiration Guide packed with straightforward and effective tools and exercises you can use to create health and wellness in your life.

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9 Simple Strategies to Staying Calm, Strong,

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