Favorite Resources

Favorite Resources

WhatsOnWilmington.com If you're looking for something happening in Wilmington, NC, you're sure to find it on this hip, upbeat website. WhatsOn has won Wilmington's coveted "Webbie" award, given annually to the best website in town. I know the publisher very well, and he is a really terrific guy.

CranioSacral Resources:

In Motion If you are interested in learning more about the rhythm of the CranioSacral system, check out In Motion: An Animated Exploration of the CranioSacral Rhythm DVD set. Created by Tad Wanveer, LMBT, CST-D, this DVD is an invaluable tool for practitioners and laymen alike.

Find A Therapist This wonderful database lets you search for CranioSacral Therapy practitioners in your area. You can search by modality, geographical area, or name, and you can find out what coursework practitioners have taken and which certifications they have earned. 

Comfort Cushion Designed by Dr. Cathy Holway, this ingenious bolster offers support for therapists' arms and back, allowing techniques to be held longer, which gives the client's body the time it needs to fully release and correct. It is a wonderful tool for all subtle-touch therapists.

Other Services:

Fresh Press Design Bridgit Kreutzer is the design genius behind this website. I often say that she sees the world differently than the rest of us. Bridgit is that rare combination of a true artist who has never missed a deadline.

Qdeka If you have web, programming, or development needs, Kevin Matthews at Qdeka is the guy to call. He is able to take complex programming ideas and translate them into language even I can understand. He'll make sure your website works every time.

PawPrints Magazine It's no secret that I'm a HUGE fan of animals and the ways they enrich our lives. Kelly Wall and Diane Pour put together an amazing magazine each month, featuring pets that are available for adoption through local rescues and shelters.

Aunt Kerry's Pet Stop If you already have a furry friend and you want to take great care of him or her, this should be your first stop. Kerry Bradley specializes in natural and organic pet foods, and she is a wonderful resource for pets who have special dietary needs.

Gordon Hall, Architect Gordon is a terrific architect and designer. He was the magic behind our backyard project, and it only took four days to complete!

GRUB Nourishing our community through food education, GRUB is a fabulous resource in Wilmington. They offer a variety of classes, individual counseling, and group support for eating in a way that enhances your well-being and your life. Whether you're just getting started with a healthy diet, or are looking for ways to fine tune your food choices, GRUB can help.